14 | CITISCAPES | JUNE 2019 PLEASE SEND INFORMATION ABOUT CHARITABLE SOCIAL EVENTS TO events@citiscapes.com SOCIAL FRONT Susan Chase-Bakker, Leah Spears-Blackmon, Dr. Johnny Bakker Teresa Mills, Colin Johnson, Drew Devenport Rick Baureis, John Baureis, Matt Bruton PEACE AT HOME BAR & GRILL Peace at Home Family Shelter hosted its annual Bar & Grill event on April 1 1 at Stone Chapel at MattLane Farm in Goshen, where nine local law firms competed in the second annual cooking competition. More than 250 guests were in attendance and able to sample the different dishes while enjoying live music from the Cocktail Club. Davis Law Firm took home the title of Best Dish and The Law Group of Northwest Arkansas won Best Presentation and Crowd Favorite. The event raised over $15,000 for Peace at Home Family Shelter to help survivors of domestic violence find safe shelter and support to rebuild their lives. www.peaceathomeshelter.org Alan Lane, Monte Sharits, Bobby Odom, Matt Lindsey, Bryant Crooks Skip & Marcia Van Tassell, Alicia Funa Carolyn Robbins, Sarah Collins, Dan Grodhaus, Lance Moore Ian McQuade, Laura Rush, Megan Crozier Dra Bishop, Angela Copeland Alec Domenick, Buster & Sarah Arnwine, Maddy Dominick Beth Wright, Vanessa Woods, Dr. Ashu Dhanjal, Clint Wiegel AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION HEART WALK The 25th anniversary of the American Heart Association Heart Walk was held on April 1 3, adjacent to the Walmart AMP in Rogers.Approximately 10,000 people attended the local walk, raising more than $1 million for heart research, education and other initiatives. Twenty-five survivors of heart disease and stroke stood on stage with their families to be recognized. Skip Van Tassell was awarded as the top individual fundraiser, Walmart was the top fundraising company and the “Rookie of the Year” fundraising company was RB. The walk was presented by Life is Why sponsors Bayer Healthcare and Northwest Health, Healthy for Good sponsor RB, platform sponsors Extra Refreshers and Walmart and education sponsor Washington Regional. www.NWAHeartWalk.org Kristy Boehler, Kirk & Cynthia Dupps, KC Tucker, Heather Campbell Glenn Ritter, Cal Rose, Dustin Doty