WWW.CITISCAPES.COM | 27 Russ was able to pour all of this into his book, titled Leading Regular Folks: What Matters Most in the Workplace. “I hit ‘save’ for the last time in June 2015, and I had tears streaming down my face,” he says. “I had never planned to write a book. The fact that I sat down and put these thoughts on paper was definitely my single biggest accomplishment. And it just felt really good to have it out there.” As anyone who has ever opened himself to that sort of vulnerability can attest, there are also some fears that come along with putting your life’s work out for others to see. “I knew if I wrote, put my heart in it and was sincere, then that was the best I could do. If no one ever bought it or read it, then that would be OK. At minimum, I captured those thoughts and memories for my family.” Though Russ has never done anything to promote the book, it has definitely exceeded his initial expectations. His honesty and commitment to family first certainly comes through in the pages and reminds others that careers are important, but they aren’t defining. His life and struggles have taught him what is most important, and with those lessons he was able to have a successful career and a happy home life. “If I were to boil my experiences up to this point,” he says, “I would just say that I’m still learning.” And apparently, he’s become quite the teacher, as well. ■ Northwest RV - the #1 towable Winnebago Dealer in Arkansas, Missouri and Oklahoma 5950 W Sunset in Springdale 479.717.2255 • nwarv.com Northwest RV, conveniently located in Northwest Arkansas, close to Fort Smith, Southwest Missouri and Tulsa, Oklahoma, can service any make or model RV from campers to motorhomes. They provide parts, accessories, warranty work, sales and the best customer service around. Northwest RV is just a short drive from you! Situated on 44 picturesque acres in the heart of Fayetteville, featuring premier amenities and impressive living options, come discover the Butterfield lifestyle for yourself! Visit our website to learn more, or call to schedule your tour today! 1923 E. Joyce Blvd. | Fayetteville, Ark. | 479.695.8012 | butterfieldtrailvillage.org Living Your Retirement