54 | CITISCAPES | JUNE 2019 F E AT U R E | N WA O U T D O O R S | BY L AU R E N M E R L E N E Pedal on with VeoRide FAYETTEVILLE’S BIKE SHARE PROGRAM OFFERS FUN AND CONVENIENCE FOR RIDERS s a child, I loved riding bikes. I would take every given opportunity to hop on my Schwinn and pedal over to my friend’s house, usually alongside my twin sister. We especially relished this independence during our carefree summers. My bike-riding days, however, diminished once I turned 16 and got my first car. But this past year, as a student at the University of Arkansas, I was introduced to the VeoRide bikes and the joy of my youth returned! Launched in September 2018, VeoRide is a bike share system in Fayetteville with more than 340 standard and electric bikes. You’ve likely seen these bikes around the city of Fayetteville; they aren’t exclusive to the university. In fact, I love to grab a VeoRide bike and ride downtown to check out the Farmers Market and beautiful summer landscaping. The VeoRide system is easy to use. Start by downloading the VeoRide App, which will show you where the nearest bikes are located. The hub spots for the bikes are easy to find, and are located at the high points of campus and downtown. Paying for the bikes takes just a second once you’ve downloaded the app and input your payment information. Standard 7-speed bikes cost 50 cents per 15 minutes and e-bikes have a $1 unlock fee and cost 10 cents per minute to ride. By scanning the bike’s QR code, you unlock the bike and you’re ready to ride! It’s that simple! Agreeing to a membership is not required, but can be an advantage for frequent users. When riders purchase an annual membership, they receive unlimited one-hour rides on 7-speed bikes. VeoRide offers $70 annual memberships to the public, with a $35 discount for university students. A Photo courtesy of University of Arkansas Photos courtesy of Experience Fayetteville Photo courtesy of Experience Fayetteville