WWW.CITISCAPES.COM | 55 “I think it is giving people a new option,” said Dane Eifling, the campus bicycle and pedestrian coordinator. “Now bikes are available to everyone and anyone can ride. It is giving people access to a different form of transportation.” There are no limits to how far your ride takes you, just the condition that the bike needs to be parked back inside the designated surfaced area as shown on the app. In my experience, VeoRide is much easier than parking a car after reaching my destination. There is no worry about searching and paying for a parking spot, because the bikes can be parked at any designated geo-fenced area as long as it is off of the street and not in the way of sidewalk traffic. When ending the ride, slide the lock on the bike or hit the “end ride” button on the app. “Our trails, Dickson Street and downtown Fayetteville have really seen heavy use by VeoRide as it has expanded access to biking and the city’s trails to our entire community,” said Peter Nierengarten, the environmental director for the City of Fayetteville. “Now anyone can ride a bike for commuting or recreation, or just about any time and anywhere.” While VeoRide hopes to promote membership for all riders, the vision is to one day have a system that will be mapped throughout the whole region. “Once you have paid that small upfront cost, then you are more incentivized to use it as much as possible to get your money’s worth, and that is what I want people to do,” Eifling said. “If they are trying to get their money’s worth, that means they are riding more often, which means they are exercising their bodies and are also potentially getting a car off the road. That is really the end goal of all of this.” ■ gearheadoutfitters.com FAYETTEVILLE | BENTONVILLE | ROGERS The original summer essential. Fine art prints available at DamonShawPhotos.com Visit www.fayetteville-ar.gov/ 3489/VeoRide-Bike-Share for more information. Photo courtesy of Experience Fayetteville