WWW.CITISCAPES.COM | 67 Chris really gets my style, so I knew he could make it happen,” she says. A brief meeting in Goddard’s office to review a style board is all it took for the owner to say, “Awesome, I love it. Let me know when it’s finished.” She laughs and says, “I didn’t know what the wallpaper looked like, I didn’t know what the drapes or carpet looked like – none of it! It was a fun and exciting reveal. When the home was complete, I walked in and said, ‘This is it! It’s perfect – better than I could have ever imagined!” Today the home beautifully reflects the family’s lifestyle and personality – which includes entertaining friends, lounging with family and playing with their two “country” dogs. “The dogs can be perfectly lazy and will just roam around the property. Occasionally one of them will go for a swim in the pond close to the house – so, between the dogs tracking in dirt and grass and my teenage son and his friends coming in and out, I appreciate the home’s simplistic layout. Mentally, I have a handle on it and it’s pretty easy to keep picked up and clean,” the homeowner says. “This house is great any day of the year, but it really comes alive in the spring and summer!” T r i p l e E E E r e s i d e n c e , Elkins, AR dalsal.com Award-winning design created with trusting clients and a collaborative studio. studio. You and me and happy hour and patio and sunshine. Pressroom 100 NW 2ND STREET, SUITE 100, BENTONVILLE, AR eatatpressroom.com