8 | CITISCAPES | JUNE 2019 Summertime, fun time is here! What does your schedule look like this summer? I imagine that it’s slightly different for us all. But, hopefully — surely — every one of us has a few favorite outdoor activities on repeat for the season. From sitting on a patio somewhere and having a glass of wine with my friends, to coming home from work and simply throwing a ball for my dogs to chase, to loading up the kayaks and heading to a nearby river or stream, I love any opportunity to soak up some Vitamin D. And, each year, when working on content for this June outdoor-focused issue, I’m reassured that I’m not alone in my love for al fresco fun! Northwest Arkansas is definitely made for outdoor enjoyment, and in this month’s feature section we highlight some really cool things to do and places to visit – all on the exterior side of life. First, we asked one of our college interns, who happens to be a savvy VeoRide user, to give readers a little insight into Fayetteville’s bike share program. Basically, I wanted to know what I would be getting into before I stepped near one of those bikes – and I thought you might, too. Read her piece on page 54 and you’ll have the confidence to hop on and pedal around! Did you know Siloam Springs was an outdoor destination? I know it’s a beautiful city, and I had heard there was a relatively new kayak park, but I was pleased to learn how many outdoor activities the city has to offer. If it has been a while since you’ve spent time in Siloam Springs, flip over to page 56. I think you’ll be inspired to visit! When my kids were in elementary school, I had the opportunity to visit War Eagle Cavern as a chaperone on a school trip. Seeing the inner beauty of Northwest Arkansas is such unique fun! Beginning on page 58, contributor Robby Edwards takes us inside several of the area’s caves and caverns and shares what visitors can expect. Wrapping up the feature section, on page 62, we highlight the annual Through the Garden Gate Tour, featuring seven private gardens as well as the Botanical Garden of the Ozarks. As a hint of what you’ll see, we highlight one of the tour gardens, Heather Ridge Railroad. It’s a beautiful garden with myriad plantings, a koi pond and a 600-foot railroad track that meanders through it all. The tour happens on June 1, so check it out fast! Have a great month, and we hope you have plenty of time to enjoy Northwest Arkansas’ beautiful outdoor offerings! Becky Gosnell, Managing Editor F R O M T H E E D I T O R