WWW.CITISCAPES.COM | 63 In addition, according to Caleb, solar customers receive a federal tax credit of up to $10,000 on average. “Most customers are really not seeing an added expense each month,” Caleb says. “In fact, as utility costs increase, the solar loan amount stays the same, and they are saving even more.” Lori Jones of Fayetteville has been happy with her Shine Solar experience. “Our electric bill has been drastically reduced, with most months only paying the minimum charge,” she says. And she says the solar energy has been reliable. “There hasn’t been any flicker, surge or weird power thing whatsoever,” she adds. Customer Mara Cole of Fayetteville said she and her husband immediately agreed to solar panels after seeing the estimated savings to their utility bill. She says they have an app on their phone that allows them to see how much their panels generate per day, week and month. Faith Ames, Shine Solar concierge, explains, “The SolarEdge app allows customers to monitor their panels with the most up-to-date information regarding how much solar they are producing. So, it communicates with a website/app and charts out hourly/weekly/monthly/yearly data for customers to view. They are even able to see how much each individual panel produces. They could be out of the country or traveling and still know what their panels are doing. It’s very cool!” Caleb says his product helps people be more independent and save money while leaving a more environmentally friendly footprint. He said in years past there hasn’t been more interest in solar power in Northwest Arkansas because local energy rates have been cheaper compared to other parts of the country, primarily the coasts. But finally, Arkansas has reached the point where the cost of solar has come down and the cost of utilities has risen so that solar panels make good financial sense. “Demand for solar panels has increased, and that is exciting, but beyond that, it’s fun to help people save money,” he says. ■ Visit www.shinesolar.com for more information.