WWW.CITISCAPES.COM | 107 The job of decorating for Christmas may not necessarily be a family affair for the Terrys — although Ulanda says she welcomes some “heavy lifting” help from Christopher and enjoys when the girls pitch in for any amount of time — but it is a process, and tradition, that makes them all eager for the season. “Christmas is my favorite holiday,” Ulanda says. “I just love the feel of the season, the lights, the smells, the food, and what it stands for – the birth of Jesus. Bringing out the decorations seems to kick it all off.” Some years, every inch of the Terrys’ home is sprinkled with Christmas spirit – such as last year, when their home was on the Junior League of Northwest Arkansas’ Winter Dreams Tour of Homes. However, regardless of what events and activities they have planned, with Ulanda decorating a minimum of three trees in the home annually, there is still plenty of seasonal cheer every year. The Terrys’ collection of Christmas decorations is a mix of new additions, familiar favorites and special gifts that Ulanda enjoys creatively weaving throughout their home. As both an interior decorator and sentimental mom, she laughs and says there is a delicate balance when adorning a stylish tree and including her daughters’ handmade ornaments. “You want to show the little paper handprints and other decorations like that. They may take away from the look I’m going for, but they are sentimental, so we include those. But, yes,” she adds with a laugh, “if I’m being honest, if we’re taking a picture or something, I might move them around to the back and then move them back to the front later.” “Classic design incorporating an eclectic mixture of special finishes, antiques, and textured fabrics to create unique and livable spaces.” – Nana Winters 214.274.5036 www.nwintersinteriors.com