124 | CITISCAPES | DECEMBER 2018 UAMShealth.com we invested “UAMS has always provided us with the highest quality of care, and we want to ensure that kind of care is in place for future generations. Arkansas families benefit greatly from the best and brightest that train and work right here at home.” – Lee and Beverly Bodenhamer Lee and Beverly Bodenhamer share a deep commitment to helping others. In memory of a close friend who needed quality eye care, the Bodenhamers helped founding director Dr. John Shock raise funds to establish the UAMS Harvey & Bernice Jones Eye Institute. Today, they see clearly thanks to successful cataract surgeries performed at the institute. They also receive excellent care at the UAMS Donald W. Reynolds Institute on Aging from Dr. Ann Riggs and institute director Dr. Jeanne Wei. In addition to their involvement with these institutes from their earliest days, the Bodenhamers have supported major health care and education initiatives at UAMS for more than three decades, including the rapidly growing Northwest Regional Campus. Together, they envision a bright future for the state. Lee and Beverly Bodenhamer