WWW.CITISCAPES.COM | 31 She began working with Dr. Ron Jenson, the chairman and co-founder of Future Achievement International. After much discussion and research, she found that it was the rising female in companies who needed the help. “There wasn’t necessarily an age group of focus,” she says. “Some were young and just getting started, but some were older and coming back to the corporate world after being home with children. We were looking for women with three to five years of experience in the workplace, and a year or more of supervisory experience.” In fall 2016, The Women’s Empowerment Center began its work. Its initiative is the only in-depth, entirely women-focused, character- based professional development program in Northwest Arkansas. “Our mission is to create a culture where women can become competent, confident and connected to embrace and excel through life’s transitions,” Becky says. The center had 13 women in its first class. They have since graduated 64 women from the program. Of course, the climate of women’s empowerment is being felt nationwide. “We are trying to navigate through that,” Becky says. “We try to provide a safe place for women to talk about the challenges of being in a male-dominated world, but we realize we need to bring men to the table, too. If we don’t talk about it, it isn’t going to change.” She has plans to partner with Maxie Carpenter, principal of The Leadership Consortium in Rogers, in 2019 to create some co-ed programs to talk about the challenges. “We can’t continue to act like it’s not an issue. We can’t have an environment that accepts, and we must create an open forum to talk about it.” Becky is passionate about mentoring women. She knows the challenges that women face and she wants to change the way they are able to meet those challenges. She wants to see women become inspired to become the very best they can be in the workplace, home and their community, while enriching their relationships. She hopes to see women evolve their potential and discover confidence to succeed. She looks forward to bringing that change to Northwest Arkansas, even if it is one woman at a time. ■